How to Build a Career in the Domain of Agile

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How to Build a Career in the Domain of Agile

Considering a career in Agile? First, you should check out these building blocks to get you off to a good start.

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In today’s software development environment, things move quickly. Conventional project management approaches like waterfall, which emphasize process and documentation, are outdated. Newer agile methods, like Scrum, are leading the way forward.

Most companies are making the transition from conventional methods to newer ones.

In this environment, how can professionals, with their existing skill set, create space for themselves?

The good news is that picking up new skills in this day and age is easy. There are online portals which offer e-learning courses in bite-sized modules and which feature expert faculty and course materials. The biggest problem an aspiring has is deciding which course to take. There are many, many courses available, and selecting the one that will deliver the most value should be a well-thought out process.

The best project management approach in existence uses Agile methods. Agile domain knowledge starts with the basic understanding of agile concepts, such as the elimination of waste, e.g. cost, time, and effort. It also includes delivering value in short iterations throughout the product development cycle. These ideas seem easy at the onset but their implementation requires time and experience.

The best way to get up to speed on these new methods is to take a basic course in Agile project management. Such a course should cover basic agile methods frameworks like Scum, XP, Kanban, Crystal, and DevOps It should also include an overview of the development of various Agile methods through the years.

This linear explanation of ideas will help a professional understand the direction industry has taken, and will take, in coming years. Adapting to this track is one of the subtle aspects of project management that learners will always need to keep in mind.

Furthermore, acquiring the skill sets pertaining to project management is always valuable. Being able to demonstrate your knowledge and experience with team management and product life cycle optimizations are important items to have on your resume.

Agile project management, as well as traditional project management, together prepare the foundation for a career loaded with opportunities and forms a great foundation for more advanced courses in agile technology implementation. Such knowledge and experience reveals the ‘whys and why nots’ of project management.

But can you do more than this?

With more than 80% of the organizations implementing the Scrum method to manage their projects, a thorough understand of the Scrum project life cycle is a huge advantage,

As a practicing Scrum professional, or even beginner, an Agile Scrum Master certification from Simplilearn is the perfect stepping stone for a great career in agile project management. Simplilearn’s offers sixteen (16)hours of classroom teaching along with ready case studies prepare you for the assessment test and also provide you with real-life experience in working with and being a part of scrum teams.

This is a format used in most e-learning modules today. What makes Simplilearn different is that it has gone a step further and included unique features such as online live games to ingrain the principles of Scrum better and more efficiently in the minds of learners.

The fast growing world economy is now blurring boundaries and more scrum teams tend to become spread across countries. In this case, a scrum master’s job profile gets extended to understanding and aligning a diverse and distributed set of professionals on a scrum project.

Simplilearn incorporates this approach into their e-learning modules, as well. They have created a learning module where professionals can manage the needs and get results from geographically dispersed teams.

At the end of Simplilearn’s ASM training workshop, and an assessment test powered by Exin, professionals will be equipped and enabled to be superior contributors to Scrum framework oriented organizations.

This statistic is backed up by the fact that Scrum professionals today are paid more than 23% more their peers.

Additionally, as a follow-up to the course, professionals can become part of extensive online forums for scrum and agile professionals who regularly work through real life problems with each other and create avenues for constant learning.

Building a good career in Agile is all about making right choices. Existing job profiles of companies will demand more and better decision-making from their employees as we move further into increasingly competitive product development cycles.

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