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How to Build a Useful and User-Friendly Enterprise Mobile App?

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How to Build a Useful and User-Friendly Enterprise Mobile App?

Getting ready to build an enterprise mobile app? Awesome! Check this article out to get some quick tips on making yours user-friendly.

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Enterprise app is the growing trend in the IT industry. It is encouraged by business owners as it works in favor of employees, thereby increasing productivity.

Information technology is one arena where new trends and emerging technologies are always welcomed with open arms by businessmen. The positive attitude of technology giants adapting to change is the reason why this field has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent years.

Emergence of Enterprise Apps

The concept of mobility is viral and spreading among masses at a lightning pace. No one likes to be confined and restricted in order to use any particular thing or data. Be it shopping for clothes or grocery or say paying your mobile bill, there is a mobile app for everything for the convenience of users.

Have you ever wondered why there are over 2 million apps in the App Store? Demand for it has compelled businesses to approach reliable mobile app development companies to design and develop for their customers’ convenience.

Why Should You Empower Employees with Enterprise Apps?

Give comfort to your employees and see a drastic improvement in their quality of work. This is natural tendency as the best comes out of a person when he/she is relaxed and in comfort zone. So let’s have a look at how does enterprise app gives employees the desired flexibility?

  1. Smooth communication: With enterprise apps available, employees do not need to run through deluge of emails to get a piece of information. Availability of real-time data and instant access to required information acts as an accelerator, which results in working at a faster pace.

  2. Acquainting employees with important information: Passing on any vital information about the company to all the employees is simple with newsletter app of company. This way, even those who are on leave get the information that is essential to be known.

  3. Scheduling and Rescheduling: Be it training sessions or team meeting, scheduling it in an instant or rescheduling due to another priority work becomes easy with everyone available on enterprise app. Let the group know about rescheduling meeting through notifications on the app.

Things to Take Care of While Building an Enterprise App

  1. Keep the app user-friendly: We are usually quite comfortable using consumer apps. With this point in mind, build your enterprise app on the same lines, which means develop an app with simple user interface and smooth navigation.

  2. Allow employees to make work related entry for keeping them engaged: It is usually a difficult job to inculcate the habit of using enterprise app among employee. For this reason, make it a point to include a feature in app where employees are compelled to actively participate and use app on daily basis.

  3. Include all necessary features: In order to make the most of an enterprise app, include all the required features in it. Major tasks and functionalities that are most frequently used by employees should be easily reachable in the app. To ensure inclusion of al vital features, take inputs from team leaders of all the departments as they know what features could be of great help to employees with regards to their daily work.


Enterprise app concept works in the favor of both businesses as well as employees. Alignment of business processes with goals is now simplified by enterprise apps as it allows for proper structuring of employee work and ease of coordination to accomplish a task.

With no time lag caused by the physical absence of employees, processes pick up good pace thereby increasing overall business productivity.

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