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How to Compare Two Data Tables Using Linq in Asp.net

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How to Compare Two Data Tables Using Linq in Asp.net

A code snippet to compare two data tables using Linq in Microsoft's .NET language.

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This article is used to get different records from datatable1 compared with datatable2 using LINQ Query.  This mismatched record gets from another data-table. 


var record1 = datatable1.AsEnumerable().Select(a => new {              

                  matchColumnValue = a["columnName"].ToString() });

var record2 = datatable2.AsEnumerable().Select(b => new {

                   matchColumnValue = b["columnName"].ToString() });

var exceptTotalRecord = record1.Except(record2);

DataTable datatableFinal = (from a in exceptDirectFare.AsEnumerable()

  select a).CopyToDataTable();


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