How to Copy Text to Clipboard Using ReactJS

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How to Copy Text to Clipboard Using ReactJS

In this article, we demonstrate how to use Bootstrap and npm's copy-to-clipboard library to copy text in React.

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In this article, we will learn how to copy text to your clipboard using ReactJS. With this, we can copy any text to the clipboard and can paste it anywhere. 

You can check my previous article in which we discussed ReactJS and its basic components from the below-mentioned links.


  • Basic knowledge of React.
  • Visual Studio Code IDE.
  • Basic knowledge of Bootstrap and HTML.

Create a React Project

Let's first create a React application using the following command.


Now, open the newly created project in Visual Studio Code and install Bootstrap by using the following command:


Now, open the index.js file and import Bootstrap.


Now, install the copy-to-clipboard library using the following command:


Now, go to the src folder, create a new component named CopyBoard.js, and add the following lines in this component.  


Now, create a new CSS file and add the following CSS in this file.


Now, open the App.js file and add the following code:


Then, we can run the project and check the result.

Running initial project

Enter some text in the textbox and click on the button  

Testing initial functionality

Now, the text is copied. We can paste the text in Notepad.

Pasting text in Notepad


In this article, we learned how we can copy text to the clipboard in ReactJS applications.

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