How to Decide if Flutter Is the Right Choice for Your Cross-Platform App Development

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How to Decide if Flutter Is the Right Choice for Your Cross-Platform App Development

In this blog read about the benefits of Flutter mobile app development and how to decide if Flutter is the right choice for you!

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From effectively communicating with the target audience to promoting and selling their products and services, businesses are increasingly relying on mobile applications to improve their marketing and sales strategies and at the same time offering enhanced customer experience. Mobile applications offer businesses an excellent method for communicating with their customers.

Mobile App Development – An Outlook 

A well-designed mobile app can give a small company an edge in competing against larger companies in its industry.

Building a successful application that resonates with your target audience comes with its own set of unique challenges. Technology is advancing at such a fast pace that delaying the execution of plans can change the whole scenario outside in the meantime.

Customer expectations, requirements, and preferences are changing very quickly these days. It is, therefore, essential that companies focus on simplicity as well as relevance when planning to design their app.

At the same time, it is even more important that companies spend time to study and understand the targeted customers and their preferences before starting to work on designing their apps.

Developing an app, such as a Flutter progressive web app, with a future-forward mindset is essential to stay relevant in the ever-changing world. The Flutter progressive web application developers need to assess the brand theme and try to incorporate the same in the application to avoid the dissolution of the brand.

It also helps to study what features and conveniences are being accepted and appreciated by various app users and assimilate these points when designing a brand new app.

Introducing Flutter App Development Services

Flutter app development is generating a lot of hype in the ever-evolving world of technology and mobile development. It is an open-source mobile SDK developer that is finding popularity as a tool to build native Android and iOS applications from the same code base.

First introduced by Google when it was launched in beta-stage in 2015, Flutter was officially launched in December 2018. The buzz around Flutter has been steadily increasing ever since that time. Flutter now features in the list of top software repos based on GitHub stars.

Thousands of Flutter progressive web apps have been published on app stores already. One of the most notable examples of an app built with Flutter is the Xianyu app created by the Alibaba team.

How Does Flutter Progressive Web App Development Work?

This question can be simply answered in one word – widgets. The central idea behind Flutter apps is the use of widgets. Developers working in Flutter app development combine different widgets to build an entire UI.

Each of these widgets stands for a structural element required in the app – like a button or a menu. The widgets also represent stylistic elements like fonts or color schemes, layout aspects like padding, and many others.

Flutter provides developers with its ready-made widgets that look native to Android or iOS apps. Developers have the option of creating their widgets as well.

Flutter consists of two important parts:

  • An SDK (Software Development Kit): A collection of tools that help developers develop the applications. This includes tools to compile code into native machine code (code for iOS and Android).
  • A Framework (UI Library based on widgets): A collection of reusable UI elements (buttons, text inputs, sliders, and so on) that can be personalized based on the needs of the business getting the app made.

Flutter is also known to provide developers with reactive-style views.

Flutter uses Dart to avoid performance issues deriving from using a compiled programming language to serve as the JavaScript bridge. It compiles Dart ahead of time (AOT) into the native code for multiple platforms.

In this manner, Flutter can easily communicate with the platform without needing a JavaScript bridge involving a context switch between the JavaScript realm and the native realm.

Flutter is regarded as the only mobile SDK that offers reactive views without the need for a JavaScript bridge. This gives it the flexibility that every mobile app developer seeks and wants to try out in projects.

Flutter Mobile App Development Services

Flutter is being increasingly used for mobile software development as it offers an extra advantage – Dart programming language.

Dart comes with a repository of software packages for extending the capabilities of apps.

Why Are Flutter App Development Services Becoming So Popular?

Flutter Progressive Web App Helps Save Time and Money

The Flutter app development professionals reveal that since Flutter is a cross-platform development tool, developers can use the same code base for building an iOS and Android app – thus saving time as well as resources throughout the development process.

Excellent Performance

Flutter ensures outstanding performance as there is very little communication between the app and the platform. This ensures faster app start-up time and fewer performance issues.

Quick Development Due to Hot Reload

Flutter is gaining popularity among mobile developers owing to the hot reload. Hot reload allows us to instantly view the changes applied to the code on emulators, simulators, and hardware. The changed code is reloaded in less than a second. All the while, the app is running and developers don’t need to waste time restarting it.

This factor enables developers to easily develop UIs, add new features, and fix bugs quickly. Interestingly, if an app built with Flutter encounters an error, it is possible to fix the error and continue using the app as if nothing happened. Even if the error necessitated a full app reload, it can be done in a very quick manner without affecting the development process.


A developer was quoted as confirming that since Flutter comes with its widgets, it poses fewer compatibility issues during the Flutter progressive web app development.

Open Source

Flutter is an open-source technology, which has a thriving and active community of developers that provide support and contribute to the tool’s extensive documentation. Developers throughout the world have come together to develop and curate helpful resources to aid Flutter app development services.

Flutter is regarded as one of the most innovative mobile technologies on the market currently that is changing the landscape of mobile and web app development.

The advantages listed above and many more subtle advantages of flutter make it amply clear that it is a promising candidate for the mobile technology of choice shortly and highly recommended for mobile app and web app development for businesses.

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