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Becoming a Salesforce Expert

You have nothing to lose by jumping into a Salesforce learning program. Even if you decide that Salesforce isn't for you, you'll still learn very useful skills.

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Are you wondering whether a career in Salesforce is the right move for you? Maybe you know you love Salesforce but aren't sure whether you will pass the Salesforce exam and have a successful career.

In essence, you want to find out whether you have the aptitude to become a Salesforce expert. If this is the case, then this article will help you make up your mind and take action immediately.

First, Some Inspiration

There are several people who find their way into a Salesforce career without having a background or formal training in any IT field.

Take Tony Messier, who is a blog contributor and Salesforce employee at galvintech.com, a cloud consulting company. He says that his background is in elementary education, and although he loved technology, he didn’t have any formal training for it. He was, however, fortunate to have mentors and made use of Salesforce communities to help bolster his confidence. Primarily, however, he put in some hard work.

There are many inspiring and life changing stories from the Salesforce community like Tony Messier’s that you can read about. There is almost no question about it that you can succeed in Salesforce and that you more than likely have an aptitude for salesforce if you:

  • Put your mind to it.
  • Develop a passion for it.
  • Take advantage of opportunities that are ahead of you.

For more clarity, let us have a closer look at these three ingredients that will allow you to become a salesforce expert.

Enjoy the Work

One of the most important ingredients if you want to become a successful expert in Salesforce is that you need to at least enjoy what you do. Of course, passion for your chosen Salesforce career path will be a lot better for you because it will allow you to wade through difficult times and easily surf through the easy times.

The question is, how do you develop enjoyment passion when you don’t know too much about Salesforce or you haven’t really experienced it before? Well, there are several ways you can find out what you will like. Here are two key ways you can do it.

1. Get Involved

Find a mentor, a Salesforce Success community and get involved in different Salesforce jobs. You could also find an unpaid internship where you can learn what Salesforce is all about.

2. Consider What You Currently Do

Some questions that can help you find out what you will most likely enjoy doing in Salesforce are: What do you currently enjoy doing? What is your current job? What would you love to do in the near future if things were perfect?

The great thing about Salesforce, is that there are several different paths or credentials that you can get that will be useful for you in several different career paths.

For example, if administration, marketing, coding, implementing, deployment, communities, solving issues, or mobile strategies sound like one or two things that you may be interested in, then you can quite easily foment or fuel your love for salesforce quite easily with time.

Develop Your Salesforce Skills

Once you have decided to go ahead and get into a Salesforce career path, you will need to develop your skills.

Study and practical experience are of course the best ways to get a healthy dose of the skills that you need in Salesforce.

Tony Messier mentions several key factors that helped him pass his Salesforce exams:

Use Study Guides

Study guides provided by Salesforce can help you to determine what to focus on for every salesforce exam.

Use Trailhead

Trailhead offers formal training. If you prefer structured learning, the Salesforce University can help you find a local place to attend classes. Alternatively, you could make use of online training through websites like Simplilearn, which provide Salesforce certification


There are many mobile apps that you can use to help you study through flash cards for example. Of course, if you prefer, you could use traditional pen and paper for your flash cards.

Make Use of Communities and Helpful Websites

There are many blogs, websites, and guides that you can use to find out more about Salesforce and increase your Salesforce knowledge.

Find a Mentor

If you don’t already have a mentor, then you should find one. Thanks to social media and the internet, these days, it is quite easy to have a mentor from across the world if you can’t find one near you.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

Through interaction with Salesforce communities, help from mentors, local job postings, and even opportunities from within the organization where you work, there are always opportunities to utilize what you have learned. If your organization doesn’t use Salesforce, for example, see if you can convince them to start using salesforce.


All in all, you have absolutely nothing to lose by jumping head first into a Salesforce learning program. The worst thing that could happen is that you may not pass the exam. However, this hasn’t stopped many other people who later went on to become successful Salesforce experts.

Even if you decide later on that Salesforce is not for you, you will still learn very useful skills that you can use in a different career path. The key thing to remember is that you need to have some faith in yourself if you want to find that dream job that you are after.

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