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How to Discover Your DevOps Catalyst

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How to Discover Your DevOps Catalyst

Marvin Mao explains how catalyzing change in your organization can help you discover your DevOps catalyst.

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Here’s a fun proof for all math geeks.

In my last blog post, I described how a false math proof “1+1=3” embodies the motivation for realizing DevOps by desiring more for less. Another fun (and true!) math proof – the sum of an infinite geometric series – showcases the uncertain journey of adopting DevOps. In this journey, the start can feel exhilarating, especially since “knowing is half the battle” but ultimately this “n stage” process will prove disastrous for the unprepared as seen in the diagram below.


My son, who just turned two years old, would be quite happy to count the sequence in this diagram from one to seven, and beyond! However, in the busy world of the application economy, the rest of us cannot afford to gut out an implementation in such an encumbered fashion.

Catalyze Change in Your Organization

Bridging the gap between understanding DevOps principles and realizing an implementable solution is best brought to fruition by following in the footsteps of those who have achieved success. At CA World’16, attendees can access roadmap sessions and customer-validated demos that underpin the only enterprise end-to-end solution that delivers continuous delivery and continuous testing mobile to the mainframe.

Moreover, CA World’16 will feature trailblazers who overcame steep obstacles in their achievements. They will share tips and tricks on how to address barriers such as a cultural skepticism towards Agile/DevOps and organizational adversity to risk-taking, as well as provide guidance on tooling, such as how to utilize CA Endevor Software Change Manager and its field development product enhancements to achieve continuous integration and establish a straightforward and repeatable deployment process for continuous delivery.

Be Prepared

CA World’16 is just two months away and there is precious little time to do your homework. Register now and take advantage of the full planned program, which includes industry analyst and customer viewpoints on recent trends in DevOps, Application Modernization, and Agile Development, as well as the latest updates on CA Application Lifecycle Conductor, CA Endevor Software Change Manager, CA Gen and CA Testing Tools.

Be sure to also catch up on our latest perspective from Aline Gerew, SVP BUE of CA Mainframe Application Development. You can read her post here.

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