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How to Enhance Your Mobile Application

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Developers and business owners alike are constantly trying to push the boundaries of reality by merging technology and their imagination. In the past decade, developers and entrepreneurs have pushed the envelope and changed the way we buy products, view content, and use our smart devices with the use of mobile applications.

Everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, so it’s crucial that mobile applications deliver excellent experiences to customers. Despite their popularity, a shocking 45 percent of business owners don’t know how to handle their mobile marketing efforts and design. We want to take a look at mobile applications and explore techniques you can use on your app to deliver a better UX.

Choose a Responsive Design

One of the most common mistakes business owners make when creating their mobile application is that they simply transfer a slightly edited copy of their official website into a mobile app format. This tactic worked well for many years, but now things have changed. Users expect a smooth, streamlined experience when they download a mobile application.

If you want to ensure that your customers can navigate your app properly, you have to use a responsive design. Instead of mobile-friendly, which scales the official website to the device the consumer is using, a responsive design reworks the appearance of the application so that it fits naturally based on whether the user is viewing your website from a smartphone or tablet.

Have you ever downloaded an application only to discover that you have to pinch your fingers to zoom in and read through the app piece by piece? This can seriously damage the way people perceive your app and could quickly cause them to bounce and then uninstall your application. If you’re unsure, always check the way your app appears on several devices with varying sizes to make sure everything fits appropriately.

Use Algorithms for Personalization

Automation has dramatically changed the way developers, and business owners create and market their products. It is now possible to present consumers with relevant and valuable content and promotions on both your website and your mobile application.

Personalization goes a long way in building credibility and loyalty with your audience, and there are multiple ways you can include this feature in your application. The most common way to use automation algorithms to improve the UX on your app is by offering products or services from your storefront based on what the consumer is viewing on your application. For example, if you own a marketing website and notice that many of your consumers are looking for information on content marketing, you could offer them your free content marketing ebook in exchange for signing up with your app.

Small offers like this go a long way in building rapport and showing customers that you are interested in helping them with your brand. As you gather more data from your audience, the algorithm will be able to offer specific content that is curated for them based on their interests.

Add Rich Search Functionality

We have all landed on a website or downloaded a mobile application only to discover that there is no way to search for what we were looking for. This discovery can create a poor experience for your users because they will have to go to Google, search for your website plus what they are looking for, then filter through results.

You can prevent this from happening by offering rich search functionality on your application. Instead of using primary sections for people to search through, consider adding a search bar at the top of the screen so consumers can search for products, services, blog posts, and information with a couple of quick clicks.

When you add this feature to your application, you’re not only improving the experience of your users, but you’re also gaining valuable insight on what potential customers hope to find on your app. If you notice multiple searches for a post that doesn’t exist, this is an excellent opportunity to add this content to your app the next time someone searches for that specific topic; they will find what they are looking for.


When you first create a website, it can be a bit much to think about making a mobile application. However, as your business grows, you are going to want to consider creating an app that allows users to get all of the functionality they expect from your website, right from their app deck. As we learn more about application design and the use of automation, we will be able to deliver an excellent user experience for anyone who downloads our mobile app to their smartphone or tablet.

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