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How to Execute/Debug Certain Steps of a Test Case With Katalon Studio

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How to Execute/Debug Certain Steps of a Test Case With Katalon Studio

Learn how to use the two methods provided by Katalon Studio to avoid rerunning entire test scripts whenever a case fails and is edited.

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Creating automation test cases is a repetitive task that requires a lot of editing and rerunning test cases. In many automation tools, when the test case fails and users makes certain changes to the script, they usually have to execute the whole script all over again to make sure the test is executed as expected. To save users from the trouble of having to re-run all unnecessary steps, Katalon Studio provides two ways so that users can start the test at their preferred steps:

  • Execute from selected step
  • Enable/Disable steps

Execute From a Selected Step

From the Manual view of the test case, right-click on a step and select Execute from here…. Once this option is selected, all currently running and supported Chrome instances are displayed so that you can select to run the script from the selected step.

Debug Execute from a selected step

Please note that "currently running and supported Chrome instances" refers to the running Chrome browser instances that are previously launched from Katalon Studio.

Enable/Disable Steps

Katalon Studio also allows users to enable/disable one or more test steps before executing the test case as shown in the screenshot below. Using the shortcuts Ctrl + D (disable) and Ctrl + E (enable) on selected steps, users can skip unwanted steps when executing the test case.

Enable/Disable steps

As described above, users have two methods to specify steps to be executed. The first method allows users to quickly resume the existing execution, but it only supports Chrome sessions that are launched by Katalon Studio. On the other hand, the “enable/disable steps” method does not have this restriction but users may not be able to execute on specific context as wanted.

For more information, please visit Katalon's Tutorials.

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