6 Pro Tips for Getting Your Boss to Let You Work From Home

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6 Pro Tips for Getting Your Boss to Let You Work From Home

Because working from home is the best.

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Working From Home

Isn't working from home the best? You can get so much done in the comfort of your own surroundings, not to mention without all the distractions that typically come with your run-of-the-mill office. 

But if you have a boss who doesn't likewise see the merits of this perfect working scenario (which a lot of us unfortunately do), here are some things you can do to (hopefully) change his mind.

  1. Wear pajamas to the office. Every. Single. Day. Because you can only get things done in true comfort.
  2. Bombard boss’ inbox with articles touting the innumerable benefits of working anywhere else but the office. Like this one. And this one. Oh, and definitely this one.
  3. Post passive aggressive signs so that no one even thinks about interrupting you with small talk.Passive Aggressive Do Not Disturb Office Sign
  4. Wear a Compubody Sock every time you’re at your desk. Because you can’t even with all these distractions. (Here are instructions for making your own.)Compubody Sock
  5. Use said distractions as excuse for never getting work done on time.
  6. Important: Use these tips with caution. They’ve proven so effective that numerous bosses have given their employees unlimited work-from-home days. You know, to polish up that résumé and find a new job.

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