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Installing Multiple WordPress Blogs in a Single Database

A tutorial to install multiple WordPress Blogs using one database by changing the file table.

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Did you know that one can create multiple WordPress Blogs using a single database?

This method can be beneficial if the hosting package has no restriction on the creation of the database.

All you need to do is simply change the prefix in wp-config.php file table. If you are not aware about installing WordPress blogs, you can read the installation manual, or you can contact our team members who specialize in WordPress Installation and then continue the below mentioned steps.


Step-by-step Process:

1) Open the wp-config.php file in a common text editor (Notepad or Dreamweaver)

2) Look for This code mentioned below ...

$ table_prefix = 'wp_';

3) Once you find it, all you have to do is change the prefix "wp_" to something different: for example you can switch to "wp1_" or "myblog" or "wpblog" and etc .

4) Save the file

5) After saving, you can load the "wp-config.php" file to another directory of your WordPress blog.

6) Start the installation normally and all set!

It is that easy! So now you have a better understanding about how to install multiple WordPress blogs in one single database. But do not forget that this type of installation has its own downside. If by chance your database stops working for some reason, all of your blogs will also stop working at the same time. On the other hand, if you have different database for each blog, even if a problem is faced with one database, others continue to function normally.

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