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Keep Track of Your System or Application With Notifier Mobile Service

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Keep Track of Your System or Application With Notifier Mobile Service

Notifier Mobile lets users make notifications with meager snippets of code, which help you keep track of your system or application.

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Notifier Mobile service allows user to create notifications just with a few lines of code. The notifications will be transferred to mobile device in the real time (maximum of 5 minutes as soon as the code which implemented creating notifications is executed successfully).

Notifier Mobile

1.  Register an account on "Notifier Mobile"

The service is totally free, just go to website http://notifiermobile.com, click on "Sign up" button to redirect to registration page.

Fill out your information

Register account on Notifier Mobile

Note: The email is required to active your account, check it carefully before submitting the form.

After a successful registration, login into the website you will get a secret key.

Secret Key

The secret key and username will be used to authenticate to the service. Don't forget and share it to anyone else.

2.  Create your own notifications

When you create a new notification, the notification is stored on server and "Notifier Mobile" application (see below) will be get them automatically from server later.

Structure of a notification:
- Title: basic infomation of notification
- Message: detail content of notification
- Create Date
- Unread: True/False (True: the notification was read/ False: the notification has not been read yet)

  • For Java & .NET

The service supports 2 built-in libraries for Java and C#, 2 most popular programming languages at this time.

The libraries make your coding much easier, just with a few line of code like this:

Authentication authentication = new Authentication("yourUsername", "yourSecretKey");
Notification notification = new Notification("title", "detail content", NotificationType.INFO.ordinal());

NotifierMobileService.add(notification, authentication);


You can download Java library as a JAR file or use Maven to import the library to your project


For more details



You can download .NET library as a DLL file or use the Package Manager Console to import the library to your project

PM> Install-Package NotifierMobileService

For more details


If the notification can not be created for certain reasons (No network connection, bad authentication...). The NotificationException will be thrown. Handling this exception is strongly recommended.

  • For other languages

Since Notification API is introduced. You can implement creating notifications with any languages (Javascript, Ruby, Python, ... that support HTTP requests)

Take a look at the API at: http://notifiermobile.com/api

3.  Install the "Notifier Mobile" application on your mobile device

The application is in charge of getting automatically your notifications from server.

It is available on Android store

Notifier Mobile Application

In CH play application, just search for "notifier mobile" and install it.

Atfer installing successfully, launch the application and login with username and password that you used to login into the website http://notifiermobile.com


The user interface of the application looks like this:

Image title

Image title

- There are 3 main types of notifications: INFO, WARNING, ERROR. These types are easy to see with 3 catalogies on the application.
- The other types can only be seen at "ALL" catagory on the application.

4. Conclusion

The service is useful for you in some cases such as:

  1. Tracking status of your system/application via mobile device. The current status of system/application will be sent to your mobile device in real time by messages which are defined by yourself.

  2. More simpler is you want to receive a message when certain task in your system/application was executed successfully or fail

  3. Other purposes

  • Advantages
    - Free
    - Simple to use
    - Notification classification: INFO, WARNING, ERROR, OTHERS
    - Storing history of notifications: it's useful for tracking
    - Provide API for manipulating notifications

  • Disadvantages
    - The Notifier Mobile application has been available on Android so far

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