How to Manage Data Without Putting It in Jail

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How to Manage Data Without Putting It in Jail

File management has strategic implications for IT as well as the organization's lines of business. Learn how to get around this.

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Storage Switzerland has released a new report entitled How to Manage Data Without Putting It in Jail. The report, which focuses on the migration, management, and modernization of data in today's cloud era, also features a detailed review of Data Dynamics' recently launched StorageX 8.0.

In the report, Storage Switzerland's findings include the fact that when data is created, it is oftentimes isolated to the system it was created on. The professional IT teams are data management and infrastructure experts, but not on the actual context of the data — a task which lies with its creators. Challenges arise when this data becomes dormant. And while there are several data management and movement solutions on the market, many require an additional component that can bottleneck performance or lock the customer into a proprietary solution.  The report goes on to offer Storage Switzerland's recommendations for what data centers should do in order to best analyze, move, manage and modernize their data and supporting IT architectures.  

"Today's IT professionals are being faced with a myriad of challenges as they work to classify and appropriately address the management of data, as well as its modernization. First, there are many questions that must be addressed. Might it serve future business, regulatory, or legal purposes — in which case, it should be safely archived such as to lessen its management burden and expense?  Does it offer immediate value — in which case, it should be moved to an environment where it can be leveraged and provide benefit? Or, is it outdated and/or duplicate data — in which case, it can be eliminated?" says George Crump, Chief Analyst and Founder, Storage Switzerland. "Organizations that are looking for a solution that will not only help them to answer these questions but can then enable them to take action should consider Data Dynamics StorageX.  StorageX is an established, well vetted, field-proven file management solution that now delivers support for S3 compliant storage and cloud file management, together with features that eliminate data silos and vendor lock-in." 

Cuong Le, Senior Vice President, Field Operations, Data Dynamics, adds:

"File management has become a strategic initiative for both IT and lines of business owners in order to ensure agility and competitive advantage. StorageX serves as a central command center for this increasingly critical operation, enabling organizations to view and manage data regardless of where it is stored. Using a standards-based approach, the powerful platform removes the barriers that exist across heterogeneous storage types giving enterprises the freedom to adapt quickly to changing business demands."

Recently, Data Dynamics launched StorageX 8.0, designed to empower enterprises to seamlessly analyze, move, manage and modernize data assets from creation to archive for true business transformation. The new version of StorageX delivers support for S3 compliant storage and comprehensive file management from the data center to the cloud — eliminating data silos and vendor lock-in.  

Click here to read the Storage Switzerland report in its entirety.

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