How to Monitor Ceph Using Instana [Code Snippet]

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How to Monitor Ceph Using Instana [Code Snippet]

Learn about a new sensor for Ceph performance monitoring that monitors your clusters and pools to provides pre-built health signatures.

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Many companies use Ceph for their distributed on-prem storage system and it provides a robust platform that eliminates single point of failure scenarios. When everything is working properly, Ceph is a solid and reliable platform - but what happens when you have a Ceph Cluster outage or poor performance from your Ceph cluster? Complete Application Monitoring requires the ability to monitor Ceph so that you will be alerted to these performance problems and have the information required to fix issues quickly.

Ceph Performance Monitoring

Due to customer demand, Instana has released a Ceph sensor that monitors your clusters and pools, and provides a number of pre-built health signatures to alert you of potential problems with your Ceph system.

To enable Ceph monitoring you simply need to inform the agent about the Ceph executable path in the configuration.yaml file.

 ceph-executable-path: '' # default path is /usr/bin/ceph

Once this is handled, Instana will automatically attach to Ceph, monitor the key indicators, and alert when any health signatures are violated. The Ceph nodes are automatically added to the dynamic graph and correlated to the services and requests that depend on the storage system. Whenever there is a storage related problem you will know exactly what services are impacted.

Figure 1: A Ceph cluster reporting a “WARN” state in the Instana infrastructure map.

Figure 2: A detailed view of Ceph metrics and pools within a cluster.

You can find the latest details on exactly which metrics are monitored, what health rules are available, and what configuration is tracked in the documentation pages for the Instana Ceph sensor.

It only takes about 5 minutes for you to add Instana Ceph monitoring to your own environment so sign up for your free trial and start monitoring Ceph today.

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