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How to Post a Link to DZone

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Before you post your link, be sure to check out our article submission guidelines.

  1. Navigate to the Links page on our site at the following URL: https://dzone.com/links
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  2. In the Share a Link field, type or paste the URL that you would like to submit to moderation.

    Note: If you type the link, you will have to hit enter before you can do the next step of the process.
  3. Once you have pasted the link, the Share a Link window is displayed.Image title
  4. Edit all of the information that you so choose (such as the link’s image, description, and topics)
  5. Once finished, hit the Submit button.
  6. The Thanks for submitting your link popup is displayed and your link is now in moderation.
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  7. Once in moderation, it will be reviewed by our team and then scheduled to be published.

    Note: Please refrain from submitting more than 3 links per day.
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