10 Ways to Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them

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10 Ways to Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them

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Thank you notes at work

A personal thank you note is sometimes all it takes to make a colleague feel valued.

Managers should realize the importance of employee engagement in ensuring the performance and success of a business.

To further boost the engagement of your employees, you should consider showing appreciation and recognition to them.

When people feel special and valued in any company, you can expect them to perform even better and stay with the organization on a long-term basis.

So, if you are wondering how to keep your employees engaged, then these signs of appreciation can help you get started.

1. Give tangible rewards to your employees such as cash bonuses, trophies, and gift cards.

By providing them with these simple tokens of appreciation, they are likely to feel more motivated to keep on doing a great job, which is beneficial to your entire organization.

2. Provide opportunities for professional development by giving them formal training courses and similar activities.

When they are given a chance to advance in their career, they will be more engaged in their jobs and perform much better than ever.

3. There’s nothing that can make employees lose interest in their job than by making their regular tasks quite monotonous and dull.

So, consider giving them challenging and interesting tasks that will require them to make the most out of their present situation while keeping them engaged.

4. Everyone appreciates a healthy competition, as it encourages people to exert more effort to gain the recognition of one’s supervisors.

You can use this technique to motivate your employees to stay engaged, as it keeps them focused on the prize and the glory of being proclaimed publicly as the winner.

5. Aside from developing a professional relationship with your employees, maintaining a friendly approach to them is key to employee engagement.

You may ask them simple things about their family or interests, or even make a simple note of appreciation to your top employees in the business.

6. Be sincere in expressing your thanks.

Keep in mind that you do not need to give tangible gifts just to show how thankful you are to your employees. A simple “thank you” note, mementos or similar things can help you maintain a solid relationship with your employees.

7. Let your employees know and feel that they matter to you.

When you wish to give gifts, try to do so by passing through their cubicles and handing the gift item personally. They will surely appreciate this simple act of sincerity and appreciation for their excellent performance at work.

8. In everything you give your employees, make it a point to include a personal touch to it.

When giving a tangible item, you may want to add a heartfelt handwritten letter or a warm hug to further express your appreciation.

9. Give employees a certain flexibility to perform their jobs.

Thus, offer assignments that include a list of things to accomplish, and let them work without dictating how to complete these.

10. When employees do an amazing job, you can boost their momentum by making them feel like an important part of the organization.

You may want to treat them for lunch with the supervisors, so they will experience how it is like to be recognized by the company’s owners or managers.

Try implementing any of these ways to enhance employee engagement for the betterment of each person in your team and the organization.

Originally published November 2013

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