How to Stay up to Date With Swift and the Developer Community

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How to Stay up to Date With Swift and the Developer Community

If you're a Swift dev, this list of resources, including blogs, videos, tutorials, and newsletters, will make sure you're never out of date.

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As a developer learning never stops. That’s really exciting but also time-consuming. Swift quickly became the most popular programming language and that means that a lot of people are doing cool stuff with it. This post is a collection of resources and ways to stay up to date with Swift and the associated developer communities.

If you have any suggestions of links/resources to be added to the list, please leave a comment and we’ll update the lists.


Reading blogs is one of the easiest ways to stay up to date. I recommend using Feedly or a similar tool to stay up to date will all your favorite blogs in one place.


Another way to get the most important news is to subscribe to newsletters:


Need help from a swift developer? Try here:


Relevant hashtags: #swiftlang, #iosdev, #iosprogramming

People, organizations, and bots to follow:

Open Source Swift and Swift on Linux

Swift is open source. The main place to start with this side of swift is Swift.org. Anyone with a good idea can help shape the future features and direction of the language trough the Swift Evolution Process. Once a proposal is refined and approved, it becomes a release goal, and is tracked as a feature of an upcoming version of Swift.

Swift Weekly Brief is a community-driven weekly newsletter about what’s happening in the Swift open source projects at Swift.org.

Swift.org announced the Server API Workgroup, a team of dedicated professionals that will make the basic components needed to get Swift ready for the web.

Top Swift Web Frameworks

There have been a number of benchmarks and of them consistently show one thing Swift is faster than node. Server side Swift is here! Still young but here.


  • WWDC – requires an Apple Developer subscription to view. Watching these videos is the easiest way to get up to date with the new versions of OS and new language features/changes. (Don’t tell anyone but you can find most videos on youtube)
  • Realm – new talks from around the world – really cool talks are synced with slides
  • Pomo.tv – a collection of over 700 videos about Mac, iOS, and Swift.

Real Life Swift

If you enjoy meeting new people and learning new things you should definitely check your local Meetups or go to a conference near you:


In case you aren’t a Swift developer, here’s how you can become one:

If you are willing to pay a few bucks we can recommend the iOS Spellbook to complement your learning.

Misc Resources

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Have fun learning all things Swift!

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