How to Use Machine Learning for a Better UX

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How to Use Machine Learning for a Better UX

How can we use machine learning to better the user experience?

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Few technologies can improve user experience (UX) like machine learning. In a nutshell, machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that allows business owners to use data to predict the behavior of their users.

One of the biggest debates in the tech world is whether machine learning and analytic statistics are the same. They do have some similarities, but the key difference is that machine learning is designed to predict future data based on past behavior, while analytics gives you insight into past behavior and you have to manually make changes to your website or business to reflect the data.

In the professional realm, there are countless uses for this technology. We are going to take a look at some of the different ways machine learning is implemented across multiple fields to improve the user experience.

Voice Recognition Software

According to Google, voice recognition software first started expanding in 2012 with a new AI technology called deep learning. The software can listen to voices and translate their spoken words into text. This feature has grown drastically over the past couple of years.

Now we have devices like the Amazon Echo in our homes. All of our computers have the option for voice search with Alexa. You would be hard pressed to find a new phone that doesn’t offer voice recognition for texting and searching. Finally, and perhaps most shocking, some TV remotes have this technology available for helping people find their favorite shows.

Voice recognition software is growing in popularity because of improved accuracy. If you had to repeat the same word or phrase multiple times, you’d type it out, right? Since the machine learning in this technology uses the language of other people to predict what someone else might say, the results are more precise than ever before.

The result? People using voice search save time and have an improved experience when using this software.

Predictive Purchasing

Marketers around the world rejoice over the ability to effectively predict what a customer may want to purchase when they visit their website. Amazon is perhaps the best example of this technology in action. Have you ever browsed your list on Amazon and noticed some great suggestions for products that you’ve never heard of? That’s Amazon’s machine learning algorithm predicting your future purchases.

Amazon’s version of this technology looks at purchases made, products on your list, and your reviews. But there are plenty of business owners using this technology on their website to predict products for their customers based on the blog content they read on their site or the products they look at.

According to a report on personalization by Segment, offering personalization products and services can improve customer loyalty, increase revenue, and improves the user experience.

Customer Service

Chatbots are quickly becoming one of the most common ways businesses help customers resolve problems on their website. A study from Drift found that 60 percent of their sample used a chatbot in the last 12 months. The study went on to ask why someone would use a chatbot if they were online.

The results concluded the following:

  • 37 percent — Answering a question in an emergency
  • 35 percent — resolve a complaint or problem
  • 35 percent — Getting detailed explanations
  • 22 percent — Getting ideas for purchases
  • 22 percent — Adding themselves to your mailing list.

As you can see from the data, the people taking the survey could select multiple options. These are just some of the most popular reasons why a customer may want to use a chatbot.

Every single one of these factors ties into improving the customer experience. Answering a question, getting an explanation, or getting ideas for purchases helps educate the customer. Resolving complaints and the ability to add themselves to your mailing list saves time and effort.

The AI technology used in chatbots grows and learns from previous interactions. If you want to improve your blog or business with machine learning, start with making a customer service chatbot.


There’s no doubt that AI is improving our lives in ways both big and small. As business owners and developers find more uses for machine learning and learn to fine-tune existing functions, we expect machine learning to continue growing at a rapid rate over the next decade. The fantastic thing about this technology is that the possibilities are endless.

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