How to Write Test Cases?

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How to Write Test Cases?

Writing test cases is not so difficult, and also not simple. The test case document describes the conditions which every team should follow.

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Test case writing is one of the very important activities in software development to validate the functionality of the software. Also, these are the standards through which various teams such as the testing team, development team, and management team follow for developing and testing the software. 

The importance is huge for test cases, but it has been a capable process for very few. There are scenarios where teams unknowingly skip this practice and later face the hurdles. Thus, the practice of writing test cases is very crucial in the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

The art of writing test cases is not so difficult, and also not simple. The test case document describes the conditions which every team should follow for proper software development. Thus, it is essential to keep these test cases simple, meaningful, and understandable. 

With a perfectly documented test case, teams can effectively validate how the system should be tested, validate if the developed application is based on the requirements and expectations or not. Thus, to make test cases available for every SDLC process, it is important for teams to write test cases with proper understanding.

What Is a Test Case?

Test cases are the set of actions that are required to be executed for validating the functionality and feature of software applications. Test cases are often known as conditions because these contain testing steps, the data which has to be tested, pre, and postconditions for validating and comparing the actual and expected results.

What Are the Main Parts of a Test Case?

The crucial parts of a test case include:

  • Test Case ID: This is a unique number that is provided for a document. Noting down this number is very important for every project. The latest management systems such as TestRail, Zephyr, and Jira have made this simplified by directly assigning the new IDs for the test cases

  • Test Case Title: While writing the title for the test case, always be sure to write the one that is easy to understand. 

  • Test Case Description: In this part of the test case, it is important to provide the details related to the test data that should be used, preconditions of the application, details relating to the test environment, and test automation tools.

  • Comments or Post Conditions: Though these are not declared as mandatory, having them in the document improves the efficiency of the test case. Also, by providing needful screenshots and instruction, it becomes easier for a developer to resolve defects whenever they are found.

What Are the Best Practices for Writing Effective Test Cases?

  • Write test cases from user point: Software is designed for meeting the requirements and expectations of both users and clients. Thus, make sure to write the test cases from the user point of view.
  • Avoid assumptions: While planning to write test cases, be sure, and stick to the specifications rather than assuming the functionality and features.
  • Ensure to test all requirements: It is mandatory that every test case was written meets all the functions and conditions of the software application.
  • Eliminate the repetition of test cases: When there is a scenario of executing one test case with the help of other test cases, then you need to call the other test case with the test case id to avoid repetition. 
  • Write simple and crystal-clear test cases: Always plan to write simple test cases rather than complicated ones.


Test cases are one of the very important parts of SDLC. These act as the conditions and standards for developers and testers. 

By writing the test cases before planning to write test cases before planning to begin testing helps the teams to validate the actual results with the expected results. Also, with this practice, teams can perform the right practice stage-by-stage. 

But, to make this writing practice more efficient, it is required for the teams to be aware of the right test practice. Leverage testing services from next-gen QA testing services to enhance your test case efficiency.

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