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How to Use Games to Engage an Audience

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How to Use Games to Engage an Audience

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Marketing trends have evolved. Some of these trends are short lived, while others seem to be so effective that they can withstand the test of time. Engaging a target audience through the use of games is one of the better marketing trends to emerge. Game play, in all forms, is intriguing, entertaining and best of all it requires user action.

There are 3 primary types of games that are ideal for social marketing campaigns.

Motivation Games – An often overlooked tool of marketing that can dramatically increase web browsing interaction is using motivation games. These types of games are typically hosted on your site, although you can discuss them throughout social network sites and place quality articles online that point back to them.

They work by having some form of nonmonetary incentive that requires user interactions. Usually businesses will set up motivation games with an incentive of some type. The incentive that seems to be a high motivator, is gaining and/or winning redeemable points, which, you guessed it, can be redeemed on your website. Redemptions might be for free products, or simply a mid to large sized discount. Consumers, through playing a motivational game, are able to feel like they have received a reward. At the same time, you are able to increase your conversion rate.

Competitive Games – A type of game play that is at the heart of human and social behavior is competitive gaming. Some level of competitiveness is within each person. As a result, games can be used within marketing to engage consumers.

Competitive game platforms typically will be designed to utilize PBL’s, points, badges and leaderboards. This design is used in games with multiple levels of difficulty and can serve numerous purposes ranging from basic entertainment, to marketing. These types of games can be used by any business, though they can be especially helpful for businesses who are seeking memberships. This is primarily due to the fact that, business owners can gain members through enticing their competitive nature and creating a desire within consumers to move up the leaderboard.

Interactive Gaming – One particular type of game that can be used for marketing which is also hosted offsite, is interactive games. They work by providing entertainment, while also placing gamers into a virtual world within an individual business providing a consistent familiarity with a specific company for the gamer.

An example of this type of gaming is the Pizza Hero game which was downloaded so many times that it became the 3rd most downloaded free game from the Apple Store. These types of games can be turned into mobile apps, or you can have them embedded right into social media networks. Regardless of where or how you choose to make games available, they can increase your brand awareness, lead consumers to your website through linking, and eventually lead to sales. Interactive games are highly effective due to the fact that they actually have gamers playing games with some level of storyline included which requires the gamer to meet specific challenges.


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