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How to Use Linkedin to Market Your Online Business?

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How to Use Linkedin to Market Your Online Business?

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Social media marketing is now an essential part of any online business marketing campaign. Beside many other social media platforms, Linkedin is specially designed to promote business, products and services especially if you are looking for business to business marketing. With more than 135 million users that are mostly professionals and businesses, you can find Linkedin as more mature and professional social networking website. While the original goal of the platform is to connect skilled people with clients and employers, but the website has grown beyond its original purpose. Linkedin can be used to create valuable business connections as it now acts as one of the most prominent platform for business to business network connections.

Even though, many businesses often ignore Linkedin while creating online marketing strategy, but Linkedin can actually bring more business and revenue if compared to Facebook and Twitter if you know how to do it right. Linkedin is often more tricky than Twitter and Facebook, but a planned and effective company page can bring more rewards for you. To make it easier for you, following are few steps that can help you in using Linkedin in market your online business.

  • Linkedin Profile. You can begin with creating an attractive Linkedin company page that can showcase your products and services in an efficient way. Make sure to connect your company or business page to other social media accounts and your website. It also allows to sync your account with your blog as it will automatically update your profile as soon as you post a new content on your blog. Provide complete details about your business, address, website, ocial media accounts, products and services.

  • Connect to other Businesses. The company pages on the Linkedin allow you to connect and find the companies you want to do business with or to research about your competitors. An effective way is to brand your Linkedin address. You can use a branded Linkedin address that contains your business name during conversations with other businesses or to share your address on other social media networks.

  • Groups and Answers. A good way to meet new clients is by joining groups related to your business and by actively participating in discussion. Similarly, businesses can also take advantage of the answers section on Linkedin as you can answer questions about your business or anything that is related to your business. By this way, more people and businesses will learn about your products and services.

  • Find Employees. Beside the marketing importance of Linkedin for your business, you can also find some quality human resource that can work for your business. The place is not only for marketing and finding businesses, but you can also use it to recruit new skilled employees.

  • More Connections. Just like Facebook and Twitter, where likes and followers matters, connections are most important on Linkedin. The more connections you have, further is your business reach on Linkedin. Make sure to not to waste any opportunity of making new connections on the platform. A good way is to participate more on the Linkedin Groups and Answers sections to find more connections. Number of connections to your Linkedin profile reflects your influence and expansion on the platform.

  • Don’t Spam. Make sure to provide relevant and genuine information about your business to your clients. Updating information about your company or business regularly is key on social media platforms but this doesn’t mean that businesses start to spam their contacts with redundant information or unauthentic gibberish. Always keep information simple, attractive and genuine.

Even though, most people believe that Linkedin is a platform where employers can meet employees but today, it is much more than that. Companies can create company profile on Linkedin to use it as business to business networking tool.

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