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How to Use the Power of Brand Recognition: A Case Study

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How to Use the Power of Brand Recognition: A Case Study

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Building a brand is not easy.  Often, successfully building brand recognition involves a methodical approach to local or global brand introduction.  Many businesses can use various types of brand recognition to their advantage by designing a custom sign.  Whereas blatant misrepresentation of a business is often detrimental to building positive public perception, numerous small businesses can use signs to promote highly recognized brands of products they sell or are associated with.  Instead of trying to teach a major metropolitan area about the brand behind a small storefront, independent businesses can design signs that highlight well-regarded brands or brand names that are highly relevant to their businesses. 

Tips for Standing Out in a Crowd:  A Case Study about a Town and Peaches

Many people that have patronized farmers markets understand the challenges vendors face.  There are typically many different stands that are fairly comparable, and customers often choose which stand to patronize at random. 

One farmer grew fruit three miles away from a town that is widely recognized for high quality fruit.  Palisade, Colorado boasts superb climate conditions for growing fruit, and Palisade peaches are widely recognized as some of the best near the greater Denver metropolitan area.  Motorists are familiar with signs directly off of the interstate, people talk about Palisade peaches in the summer, and the Palisade peach “brand” has almost no direct competition in the local summer fruit market in the area.  The farmer located three miles away from Palisade found that he could use his location to leverage business.  He decided to design a sign that read the name of his farm, and showcased, “PALISADE” in large font.  He advertised that he was located near the well-known town of Palisade, and business boomed.  No one had heard of his farm, but most patrons at the farmers market could easily recognize the association between “PALISADE” and top-quality fruit. 

Instead of trying to promote his small family farm, he was able to successfully drive business by capitalizing on brand recognition that was already formed. 

Other Ways to Use Brand Recognition in Businesses

Many small businesses sell items that are well-branded.  Clothing boutiques would be able to use brand-name clothing as part of an advertising strategy by designing signs that read, “[brand name] clothing sold here,” or “Now selling [brand name] shoes.”   Use the brands your small business is already associated with to your advantage.  Branding is a process, and building a brand can often seem similar to a Catch-22.  You need interested customers to build your brand, but you need some form of brand recognition to attract enough interested customers.  There is no single way to build a unique brand.  However, utilizing existing brand recognition is one way to give your small business an edge. 

Why Signs are Still Used in Advertising

There are still aspects of brick and mortar storefronts that online stores are yet to fully replicate.  Signs provide people necessary information when they are most likely to patronize a business and make an immediate purchase.  People still live in the brick and mortar world.  Designing the right sign and using brand recognition for leverage can help take your storefront to the next tier.  

Article courtesy of Sign.com. Follow sign.com on twitter for more best practices on banners and custom signs for events 


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