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How Utterly Eric!

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How Utterly Eric!

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Having sat on the board since it was started 10 years ago, Google CEO Eric Schmidt is now going to chair the New America Foundation, a well-funded, supposedly non-partisan Washington think tank (really is anything in Washington non-partisan?).

One might imagine he’s getting in position to influence the policies of the next administration and wouldn’t you know it but the New America Foundation supports using unlicensed television airwaves for high-speed Internet transmission, fancy that, a Google priority too.

The foundation’s new president and CEO Steve Coll, a staff writer at the New Yorker and the former managing editor of the Washington Post – the place is chock-a-block with brand name journalists – says New America want “to evolve toward a ‘digital think tank’ model that will use new technologies to improve the Foundation’s reach; to generate innovative research and develop new ideas; and to create networks of expertise around the most important issues facing the United States in domestic and international policy arenas.”

Ah, think tank as test bed.

You know, Eric was very tight with Al Gore and was reportedly going to get a newly created cabinet post as IT czar if Gore had won.


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