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How Vendor Partnerships Can Help You Embrace the Cloud

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How Vendor Partnerships Can Help You Embrace the Cloud

Digital business transformation is an exciting opportunity. Strong vendor partnerships can offer a shortcut to this new business reality.

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The shift to a digital economy is well underway. Digital revenues are set to grow from 16% to 37% in the next five years according to the CIOs surveyed by Gartner. While the challenge of digital business transformation is daunting, it’s also an exciting opportunity to drive innovation and to simplify and democratize the IT landscape. Strong vendor partnerships can offer a shortcut to this new business reality.

Mobility and the Cloud

A successful digital transformation will certainly encompass mobility. Most workers use three or more devices daily for work activities, and 61% of workers work outside the office at least part of the time, according to Citrix research. Organizations have to find ways to manage mobility to ensure security is maintained without sacrificing agility and productivity.

There’s also a huge shift to the cloud as organizations seek the real-time ability to provision greater capacity, strive for more agility through DevOps, and look to push the latest and greatest innovations to their users quickly. Cloud services deliver this without huge CAPEX expenditures that soon depreciate because they operate on the pay-as-you-use model. The 2016 State of the Cloud survey from RightScale revealed that 95% of respondents are using cloud services and 71% employ a hybrid environment.

Creating a solid and secure foundation for mobility isn’t straightforward. Building and maintaining cloud infrastructure requires a huge investment. It’s much easier to go out and find services that can deliver this for your business, leaving you free to focus your energy on growth and innovation. You can benefit from a wealth of experience that would be very difficult, if not impossible, to accumulate internally.

The main barrier to CIO success is a lack of talent, according to the aforementioned Gartner survey. Being able to leverage the skills you need through partnerships is mutually beneficial and it’s a pragmatic path to take. You have to focus on developing internal expertise where it will add the most benefit to your business and align yourself with the right partners for everything else.

Seek Partnerships That Add Value

When big service providers work together to complement each other, they can really enhance the value of their products. This delivers a lot of potential benefits for customers and reduces the need to figure out integration.  However, for many enterprises, the need to balance the desire to maximize innovation and value from new forms of technology with existing applications and infrastructure can mean that a partner who understands the nuances of integrating the old and new delivery models is a necessity.  

A great example is Citrix and Microsoft, who have been working together for more than 25 years and both are strategic partnerships with Fujitsu. This synergy offers tangible benefits for customers. Citrix assures that all of its key products can be hosted in Azure, making it simple to embrace the cloud, even for the largest of enterprises. Microsoft and Citrix have also been integrating their enterprise mobility management solutions to deliver security and an accessible, centralized overview that puts you in control of your mobile app library.

By taking the pain out of digital transformation, vendor partnerships and business ecosystems can free up lots of time and resources that can be spent on adding real business value.

Clearing the Way for Innovation

Consider that up to 84% of companies fail at digital transformation. It’s important to learn from those failures and find ways to mitigate the risk. Focus on what will deliver a better experience for your customers. Consider that the time that your developers spend on integration or updating third-party software is the time they’re not spending on your products and services.

Ultimately, big businesses need to innovate or they risk stagnation and death. There’s a conveyer belt of Lean start-ups approaching old problems in new ways and they aren’t developing their own internal infrastructures. It’s much easier to foster an entrepreneurial, risk-taking mindset when you have a solid, tried and tested foundation to build on. The right vendor partnerships enhance productivity while ensuring compliance, manageability, audit-ability, and cost-effective scalability.

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