How Wearables Are Impacting Apple’s Core

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How Wearables Are Impacting Apple’s Core

When people buy into the Apple Watch, they'll buy the supporting devices too. Good new for Apple stocks

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Wearable technology has a pervasive presence these days. And as i.am.Puls innovator will.i.am put it at Dreamforce last October, the tech landscape will be unrecognizable in ten years. “The thing on your wrist that talks to a phone…is not the future; it’s a starting point.”

Even if Apple Watch is the jumping off point for wearables, it’s making a huge splash for smartwatches – and the Apple brand. People aren’t just buying Watches – compatible iPhones and iPad purchases are on the rise.

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And even more intriguing is the rise of Apple stock. Ever since the announcement of Apple Watch, closing prices on AAPL have increased – first in anticipation of the Watch, and have continued to grow even after its release.

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Is this a trend, or an anomaly?

If we look at the numbers from the launch of previous Apple product releases, we see stock activity all over the map. The first iPhone raised stock prices faster than a speeding bullet, while the subsequent three releases of the 3 , 3G and 4 saw stocks drop (likely due to the turmoil of the original iPhone pricing – remember how Apple had to refund first-purchasers once they cut the price?). Sure, with more recent iPhone releases we’re seeing steady gains in the market, but  interestingly enough, iPad releases are not having the same impact.

[Ed. aside: Loved reading through these old reviews of the original iPhone].

Regardless, it’s safe to say that with any new, first edition product, Apple valuation goes up, up, up. Which means it would behoove them to keep producing category defining products. A smart-pen perhaps, or even a smart-wall?

The wider their breadth of products, the slicker the innovation, the cooler the design, the more likely they’ll continue enticing people to buy into their brand and keep inching their profits higher.

But what happens if Microsoft successfully enters the space? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Wrist-based smart technology is only one side of wearables. More are certainly to come, and the market is ripe for new contenders to take on Apple and Google.

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