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How to Write Better Blog Content For Your Company

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How to Write Better Blog Content For Your Company

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The next time you are struggling to produce content for your web site or blog, it might be time that you start to think about a template or formula that you can follow for all of your future blog post.

Here’s one of the biggest problems that bloggers run into when creating new content. Instead of knowing exactly what they are going to be writing about, they come up with a title and just start writing. When this happens you never really know what your article is going to flow into and how it’s going to lay out for the reader.

Instead of going into each new article blindly, you should have a template that helps you with the writing process.

Below I have laid out a great way to write down a simple note for each section of your new article, then you can create all of the real content around it. It’s broken down into four easy steps that will greatly improve the quality and speed of your writing.

TITLE – Purpose of Post.

INTRO – One or two sentences covering the story.

KEY POINTS – 3 or 4 headlines to include in the article.

CLOSING – Final message you want to give to the reader along with a call to action.

While it may seem simple and silly, it really does help when writing new content… especially if you are writing long articles and writing on a daily basis. If you think writing content for your blog is a problem and you aren’t finding as much value in your writing as you’d like, just think about how the readers of your blog are going to feel when they are reading your content.

With this same concept in mind, by breaking down your articles before you write them you are are not only helping yourself in the writing process but using a template also makes for much easier reading by those who are visiting your site.

The next time you are going to write up a new piece of content for your web site or blog spend a couple minutes to write out a draft template and see how it improves your overall writing. Don’t forget to read through your own content before going live with it.

With the amount of time it takes to write good content, it’s surprising to see how many people will publish misspellings and poorly written content to their sites. Proofread your content before going live with it.



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