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How to Accelerate Your Mobile App Development Timeline

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How to Accelerate Your Mobile App Development Timeline

From considering hybrid mobile development solutions to outsourcing different aspects of the development process, there are lots of ways to accelerate your timeline.

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The business world has now realized the power of being on a mobile platform. From industries engaged in manufacturing to enterprises with large teams of executives to organizations interacting with their clients, people, and partners, all understand how mobile app can benefit them in simplifying processes, making operations more productive and creating quality communication in an instant. They know that owning a custom mobile app isn’t only matter of staying with trends but a channel aiding businesses strongly positioning their brand in the market as well as adding more value to them.

There are a variety of ways through which apps help businesses. Apps can help businesses handle processes smoothly and create brand awareness. A dedicated mobile application development company is another way businesses plan their resources.

CEOs are aware of the struggle between speed and quality that is caused by continuously relying on legacy systems. Mobile devices are handier, and a process brought on these devices by the way of mobile application development remains greatly compressed in comparison to traditional desktop-based software and web apps.

However, things do not always go the way as planned. Unnecessary delays, over-investment, and other factors often portray mobile application development as an unreliable technology for business operations.

Do not let your mobile application lose credibility for your business. The implementation is supposed to happen rapidly. Here are the tips you can do to accelerate it.

Make Wireframes a Basis for Create Visual Designs

Wireframes are created to have a complete idea about what has to be achieved. They help you figure out the information architecture of an app you are going to build. Use low-fidelity wireframes to make things done rapidly.

Wireframes help developers have a better understanding of almost every function and feature being created in an app. Also, UX designers know about the accurate designing approach when they have wireframes.

Hybrid Mobile Development Solutions to Be Considered

Consider a hybrid mobile application development method if it’s applicable to your app. Adobe PhoneGap and Xamarin are the best solutions available in the market for creating an app using the hybrid method. With these solutions, you don't need to write different code bases for different mobile platforms. You can use a single codebase to create an app for multiple mobile operating system instead.

Though now all app sorts can be created using the hybrid approach.

Outsource Non-Core Development Features to Speed Up the Project

Every app has core and non-core development features. Core features are the key features, while non-core features are the ones that do not have any impact on the functioning of an app but still remain its part. To make things implemented in time, you should outsource the development of non-core features to third-party developers so that can will focus on the key features of an app while the development of additional features will also progress in the same period of time. This will save a lot of time at the end of the day.

Set Up Automated Testing to Accelerate Development

Give more acceleration to your mobile application development project by applying automated testing while delivering a secure and quality product. You can do expanded test coverage in the same amount of time by automating the testing process.

Launch an MVP First to Rapidly Enter the Market

The best way to rapidly enter the market is to start with a minimum viable product (MVP) instead of a complete version. An MVP has core or key features required to begin the operations. Also, with an MVP, you can start collecting data to make complete product later.

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