How You Can Convert iOS App To Android App?

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How You Can Convert iOS App To Android App?

Changing over the Android application to iOS is not a simple task. So why would you want to? Read on to find out!

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The impact of mobile phones is huge in the connection of the digital revolution all around the globe. The e-commerce industry is a result of this digital transformation. It has exceptionally progressed with the bloom in mobile application development. Nowadays, every e-commerce company is launching a custom mobile app for business.

The primary issue in launching a custom mobile application is the split in the market share. According to the research, Android has an 81.3% market share and iOS has 17.5 of the global mobile OS market. This kind of a split market makes it hard for business visionaries as they have to comprehend the tendency of the crowd towards various OS in the market and get a custom application according to the client tendency.

The issue starts when a business visionary understands the prerequisite for building up a clone of the iOS application for the Android platform or a different way. Since the two platforms have their interface, it is necessary to remember certain things to guarantee that the architecture of the application remains flawless while converting over iOS applications into Android.

Changing over the Android application to iOS is not a simple task. You have to think about different components, as, application porting. i.e., porting your application starting with one platform then onto the next. Since the java language is friendlier, it is easy to port in Android.

Nowadays, some android applications were allowed on Windows by Microsoft by rolling out some little improvements. Versatility is the best feature of Android. You can incorporate more functions according to the market request and alter it later. Google Play store likewise expands consistent help by rapidly propelling the application in the commercial center once the transformation of Android application to iOS is finished.

The idea of using a single platform for creating iOS and Android applications are no more. Today, everybody is centered around Android/iOS application development or both. Android is the main player with a big portion of the market with iOS far behind. Be that as it may, you still have the programming language helping you, which allows you to change over Android application to the iOS application through SDK structure and Android SDK. Both these SDK platforms are one of a kind, with different properties and rules. Let’s take a look at- why you should convert the iOS app to Android?

Why You Should Convert iOS App to Android?

1. Audience Targeting

Android users are in significant numbers in China, India, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, and European nations. Be that as it may, iOS leads in the US, Australia, and Canada. hence, organizations with a mobile application for both platforms could expand their audience in manifolds.

2. Revenue Increase

Even though your audience is adhering to a specific platform, you could expand your benefits by porting your application. Also, you get the chance to serve and access a lot more targeted audiences.

3. Competitive Edge

If most of your opponents are concentrating around building up a mobile application for a single platform, you should break the inconsistency by wandering into both platforms all the while to enjoy a more extensive group of spectators and progressively significant share in the market.

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