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HP Gives DevOps Tips

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There are a couple of useful nuggets of advice for implementing DevOps philosophies in a new post on HP's blog.  While many of the points have been mentioned before, it's important to note a few practical tips they gave for operations and developers.  For example, IT Operations are very concerned with ITILs and the important but difficult task is to take continuous delivery processes and incorporate ITIL’s additional standards.  Developers should get to know the monitoring tools that Operations are using and utilize social collaboration tools to help them work as one unit with Ops.

HP also goes into "NoOps" as the evolution of DevOps:

Just as DevOps is an outgrowth of Agile, NoOps is sometimes seen as the next phase of DevOps. NoOps doesn’t mean you’re getting rid of operations. “With NoOps you’re automating the process of releasing the application into a test environment or production,” Murphy says.  --HP Discover Performance blog

The post didn't seem too salesy too me.  Did you see anything that looked out of place in their assessment of DevOps?

Source:  http://h30406.www3.hp.com/campaigns/2011/wwcampaign/inflexion/oct/ops/overview.html

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