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HTML5 add-on for Dreamweaver CS5

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HTML5 add-on for Dreamweaver CS5

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CTO of Adobe has also showed a CSS 3 Animator tool, how to export a SVG file from a vector graphic created with Adobe Illustrator and the roundtrip with Dreamweaver that supports HTML 5.

The pack for Dreamweaver CS5 will enhance the Web design application’s HTML5 support and includes the ability to preview what HTML5-based designs will look like across multiple devices.

The HTML5 pack for Dreamweaver is available today on Adobe Labs.

The HTML5 Pack for Dreamweaver CS5 is an extension that adds support for HTML5 and CSS3 in Dreamweaver. This article provides a brief overview of HTML5 and CSS3, and outlines the new features available in Dreamweaver once the extension has been installed.

For a video demonstration that shows you how to work with the HTML5 Pack in Dreamweaver, see Introducing the Dreamweaver CS5 HTML5 Pack on Adobe TV

Read Using the HTML5 Pack for Dreamweaver CS5 article.

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