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HTML5 and CSS3 Support in Komodo IDE 6

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HTML5 and CSS3 Support in Komodo IDE 6

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This ActiveState recently released version six of Komodo, a commercial IDE for Python, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript, and Tcl.  Komodo broadens its language and platform support with this release.  It also includes expanded database support and performance improvements.

Komodo 6 has been upgraded to support Python 3, Perl 5.12, and Tcl 8.6 - the support includes debugging, auto-complete, syntax checking, calltips, and code browsing.  Along with these, Komodo also now supports auto-complete for CSS3 and HTML5 along with the most recent versions of jQuery, YUI, and Dojo.  Komodo's regular expression tool, "Rx," can now support the use of Python, Perl, Ruby, or JavaScript as the backend.  This allows developers to be sure that they're designing your regexes for the engine that will run them.

Built on Mozilla 1.9.1, K omodo 6 features faster tab switching, file opening, text searching, startup, and shutdown.  Komodo 6 also features a new publishing system for keeping local and remote directories in sync.  A new 'places' sidebar and Database Explorer are included in version 6 as well.

The Database Explorer navigates and manages databases while supporting SQLite out of box and providing extensions for MySQL and Oracle.  The new places sidebar integrates project files, publishing, source code control, and mirror actions on the file system so you don't need to leave Komodo in order to manage your files, whether they're remote or local.  

The revamped toolbox integrates tools from the current project, and these tools are now simple JSON files so that sharing is easier.  There's also a new invoke tool that let's you fast-search and invoke your tools.  

Komodo has a free 21 day trial and starts at $295 for a license.  Developers can save $50 per license through November 15, 2010.

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