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HTML5 Canvas in Five Minutes

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HTML5 Canvas in Five Minutes

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I just ran across this well-formatted, clearly written 'five-minute' HTML5 Canvas tutorial by John Papa.

For Canvas beginners, this is the best quick tutorial I've seen. 

John provides a quickstart table of core canvas functions, then divides the actual Canvas creation process into three simple steps:

  • Grab a Canvas and Its Context
  • Define Your Canvas Settings
  • Draw on the Canvas

Nothing is uselessly explained, as for example:

context.lineWidth = lineWidth;
context.lineCap = "square";
context.lineJoin = "round";

The tutorial outputs a Canvas drawing of his name, which is kind of neat -- and the letters in 'John' do include the most basic kinds of paths. 

Useful for developers, but probably better for designers (as it maintains a physical-drawing metaphor throughout).

If you're interested, check out the full tutorial here.

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