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HTML5 Charting Library, CanvasJS Released

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HTML5 Charting Library, CanvasJS Released

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Beta version of HTML5 Charting Library, CanvasJS has been released. With CanvasJS you can create rich dashboards that work on all the modern devices like iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 8, Desktops & Tablets.

In this first version CanvasJS supports 14 types of Charts including Line Chart, Area Chart, Column Chart, Bar Chart. In the upcoming versions we are going add more of them. Below is a complete list charts that are currently supported

  1. Line Chart
  2. Area Chart
  3. Column Chart
  4. Bar Chart
  5. Bubble Chart
  6. Doughnut Chart
  7. Pie Chart
  8. Scatter Chart (Point Chart)
  9. Stacked Area
  10. Stacked Area 100%
  11. Stacked Bar
  12. Stacked Bar 100%
  13. Stacked Column
  14. Stacked Column 100%
CanvasJS Charts are beautiful and also have High Performance. Below are some important links:

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