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HTML5: Native Applications Include Both Benefits and Challenges

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HTML5: Native Applications Include Both Benefits and Challenges

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HTML5 applications appear to have many benefits over native applications designed for popular operating systems such as Android and iOS. A recent Business Intelligence report highlighted the capabilities of both HTML5 and native apps, suggesting that the latter still offer richer user experiences and better performance, Business Insider reported.

HTML5 applications thrive over native apps in many other areas, however, including cross-platform development. Business Intelligence said that HTML5 apps are
created with the common language of the Internet , reducing costs compared to native offerings, according to Business Insider. Since HTML5 is a web-based system, updates are made even easier.

Native applications created for iOS can be costly because engineers are in short supply and expensive to hire. Business Intelligence explained that HTML5, on the other hand, is a common language that does not demand such advanced skill sets, Business Insider reported.

Android and iOS are greatly influencing the global smartphone and tablet markets. Both platforms offer robust systems with countless applications, making monetization of these offerings effective. The Business Intelligence report said that this is a key advantage of native applications compared to HTML5. Although both have some issues with fragmentation, HTML5 appears to have the edge in minimizing such problems, according to Business Insider.

Developers interested in creating native applications for Android and iOS can use free tools like Android controls and iOS controls. These solutions make it easy for users to produce apps that are native to their respective platforms without being experts in such endeavors.

Those who want to do the same with HTML5 applications should use tools that feature data visualization, high performance and support every web browser and device.

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