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HTML5 Upgrades in Opera 11.60

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HTML5 Upgrades in Opera 11.60

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In terms of numbers, Opera may not be competing with the big browsers. But in several important respects, Opera runs impressively close to the bleeding edge of web standards. And Opera's Bruce Lawson is one of the more active HTML5 proponents on the web today. So for those with an eye toward the future of the web, whether or not development for Opera in particular is of great concern to you at the moment, a newer, more modern version of the browser is worth noticing.

Bruce announced the release of Opera 11.60 today, downloadable here.

Read the full list of improvements, or skim a few highlights:

  • Improved HTML5 Parser (Mozilla claims 20% reduction in site compatibility problems)
  • HTML5 Custom Protocol and Content Handlers: lets websites register as specialized handlers for specific schemes
  • Full ECMAScript 5.1 Support
  • HTML5 Video: now with muted and preload attributes, and buffered and seekable properties
  • Full HTML5 Microdata
  • Image Resampling in CSS4: lets CSS specify what scaling algorithm to use for certain kinds of images
  • Speculative parsing: browser will load external resources while JavaScript is still being executed

Opera's full release announcement includes explanatory links and demo videos for many of these upgrades, plus some more specialized improvements (like CSS3 radial gradients). Worth a look.

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