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The Web as a platform is changing faster every day—blink, and you're behind.  

Just look at the version numbers of browsers lately.  This year we started with IE9, Chrome 8, and Firefox 4.  Next year, we could see IE11, Chrome 20, and Firefox 12.  The rate of change is astounding.

This is why today, we are introducing a new microzone called the HTM5 Zone.  While Web Builder Zone covers a wider gamut of the web world, the HTML5 Zone will contain content that is focused solely on emerging web standards under the HTML5 umbrella as well as ECMAScript (5 and above), CSS3, and other new W3C standards that aren't technically under the HTML5 umbrella.

You can now discover, discuss, and share all of the great content currently in the HTML5 Zone.  Be sure to visit the homepage daily (or just bookmark the page or add the RSS) and keep up with our daily stream of relevant content.

Don't be afraid to contribute your voice as well!

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