HTTP-RPC 2.5 Released

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HTTP-RPC 2.5 Released

HTTP-RPC is a cross-platform library to quickly stand up REST style services in Java and consume them from Java, Swift, or JavaScript. The latest release extends template and collection features.

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HTTP-RPC 2.5 is now available for download. This release contains several notable enhancements:

  • Support for map arguments – In addition to indexed collection types (i.e. instances of java.util.List), methods can now accept keyed collection arguments as instances of java.util.Map.
  • Support for include markers in templates – Template content can now be modularized via includes. Self-referencing includes can be used to facilitate recursion.
  • Support for variable modifiers in templates – The Ctemplate specification defines a syntax for applying an optional set of arbitrary transformations to a variable before it is written to the output stream. HTTP-RPC now provides support for modifiers, including standard modifiers for formatting and encoding as well as custom, application-specific modifiers.

For more information, see the project README.

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