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HTTP Status Codes [COMIC]

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HTTP Status Codes [COMIC]

Need a handy HTTP status code cheat sheet? Look no further for a funny replacement!

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Need a handy HTTP status code cheat sheet? Look no further for a funny replacement!

200 OK271 Great!2.99 Hot Dog w/ Relish301 Moved permanently302 See 303303 See 301307 Moved temporarily309 Relocated to San Jose311 Moved emotionally304 Cached344 The real HTTP response was friendship all along348 Hidden, but badly enough to find easily350 Purchased by Google in 2012. Purpose unknown.372 Purchased by Yahoo in 2003. Mismanaged into obscurity.400 You dun' fucked up.401 Credentials missing403 No, dammit404 Not found405 Method not allowed406 Unacceptable!410 Just went out for a bit to buy smokes - back any day now418 Teapot (self-explanatory)429 Cool your jets431 Your request is too damn big!451 Your government has deemed this resource a threat to security.458 Request too sexy500 Something bad and unexpected happened.501 Didn't finish building this bit.502 NGINX broke503 Servers currently very on fire504 Not sure if 502 or 503505+ Programmers broken

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