HTTP/2 and Servlet 4 in Java EE 8 (The Aquarium)

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HTTP/2 and Servlet 4 in Java EE 8 (The Aquarium)

HTTP is an essential Java server-side standard. HTTP/2 was much appreciated, and long in the making. Learn more about Servlet 4 and HTTP/2 working in Java EE8 as Servlet 4 specification leads Shing wai Chan and Ed Burns weigh in.

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HTTP is very easily the most important standard in server-side Java. The much awaited HTTP/2 standard is now complete, was fifteen years in the making and promises to radically speed up the entire web through a series of fundamental protocol optimizations. Slated to be a part of Java EE 8, Servlet 4 is the primary vehicle for making HTTP/2 available to the server-side Java ecosystem. In a key JavaOne 2016 session, Servlet 4 specification leads Ed Burns and Shing wai Chan discussed Servlet 4 in detail. You can view the video below on the JavaOne 2016 YouTube playlist (click here if you can't see the embedded video). The slide deck for the talk is available here.

In the session, they took a detailed look at the changes in HTTP/2 and discussed how these changes will be adopted by the Servlet 4 specification as well as technologies like JSF.

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