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Hudson Lead Developer Leaves Oracle

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Hudson Lead Developer Leaves Oracle

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A senior staff engineer at Oracle who worked as the lead developer for the increasingly popular Hudson Continuous Integration system said goodbye to his colleagues this week after nine years of service.  Kohsuke Kawaguchi began working for Sun Microsystems in January 2001 when he first arrived in the US.  After working on numerous projects including JAXB and Hudson, Kawaguchi has left the Sun division just a few months after it was integrated into Oracle.  There's no indication that Kawaguchi's departure had anything to do with Oracle.  The Hudson co-creator is leaving to start his own company based around taking the CI system "to the next stage."

Kawaguchi is known for his work on a number of open source technologies such as MSV, JAX-WS, JAXB, Metro, GlassFish v3, and of course, Hudson.  He also hosts several projects on java.net including args4j and com4j.  Hudson's open source solution has swiftly gained popularity over the past year as evidenced by the rapid integration with Mylyn and VersionOne, two major agile management suites.  

Now Kawaguchi is moving on to lead his own company - possibly following in the footsteps of Jason van Zyl (Maven creator) and Jason Huggins (Selenium creator) who both founded startups to commercially support their open source creations.  We can probably expect to see a similar company for Hudson in the coming months, but Kawaguchi says we'll learn more in the next few weeks.
Although Kawaguchi leaves with "a bit of sadness," saying that "a large part of enjoying your work is the people you work with," he also says he's very excited.  Kawaguchi said he'd continue to lead the Hudson project and he will be working with Oracle to transfer infrastructure services to their IT people.  He warns that there might be a few "out-of-schedule releases, service disruptions, and other inconveniences during this period, but hopefully things will be back in order relatively quickly."

Kohsuke spoke about  Hudson at Java One 2009 and in 2008 Hudson won the Java One Duke's Choice Award.

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