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Hudson's in the Cloud

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Fresh out of stealth-mode, the developers of CloudBees have announced their Java cloud platform to the world.  The best part about this is PaaS, now in beta, is the inclusion of Hudson-based continuous integration.  The service is built with ISVs in mind and it strives to be a true cloud-native infrastructure, not just a packaging of existing products with a cloud stamp on it.  The CloudBees platform will provide the resources for Java application development through production.

DEV@cloud Development Infrastructure
The Hudson SaaS is the first component of CloudBees that is up and running so far.  JetBrains' TeamCity CI server has already gained an offering as a cloud service and the company has found that CI lends itself well to cloud infrastructure.  Hudson is a perfect fit for CloudBees given the recent surge in popularity for the open source CI engine, which was developed by Kohsuke Kawaguchi at Sun Microsystems.  

Kawaguchi, who recently began work on his own Hudson-focused startup called InfraDNA, had this to say about CloudBees' "Hudson-as-a-Service":

I see this as yet another validation to Hudson, and as such, I welcome this new addition to the community and wish them well! — more companies betting on Hudson means we'll get more investment to the project, which is all goodness for Hudson users. ... Hosted Hudson offers an interesting trade-off, compared to on-premise Hudson. On the plus side, given the current hourly pricing of public clouds like EC2 and Rackspace, you get a better pricing model, as CloudBees charge by minutes. You also get rid of machines and upfront cost, which is great for small business. On top of that, you can also expect them to gradually develop more value-adds and better integration to various other pieces, which can get really interesting.  --Kohsuke Kawaguchi

Here are the features of CloudBees' DEV@cloud development infrastructure:

  • Continuous Integration (based on Hudson) with slaves available as elastic resources billed by-the-minute,
  • Private and secure Git and SVN repositories,
  • Private and secure Maven repository,

QA teams can never have enough CI servers.  The code changing activity usually happens during a small peak period of time, and when you're working close to a deadline, lots of testing is going on and the QA infrastructure tends to bottleneck.

DEV@cloud will be useful to your team if…

  • You have an existing project but no proper CI environment implemented and maintained
  • You are about to start a new project and need to implement an entire development infrastructure: SVN/GIT repositories, Maven repositories, Hudson, etc.
  • You are running a Hudson-based Continuous Integration but spend far too much time maintaining it and deploying new slave servers
  • You are running a Hudson-based Continuous Integration but never have enough computing resources available and with no way to easily change that situation

You can try out Hudson in the cloud by registering for the beta.  For more details on CloudBees' cloud-based Hudson service, check out their website

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