The HuffPost Moves to MongoDB, Scala, Play and Angular

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The HuffPost Moves to MongoDB, Scala, Play and Angular

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Big news from probably one of the biggest news sites out there.  The Huffington Post is abandoning its PHP/MySQL stack in favor of newer technologies.  One of them was MongoDB.  Here's what the author of the post had to say:

For Athena [the codename for the site's next generation] the team wanted to make it super easy to model the complex documents that news stories have become in the 21st century…
For that task we're using MongoDB. While MySQL requires lots of up front planning and modeling to translate a news story into a collection of data fields and datatypes, MongoDB is a new kind of database that natively stores documents with flexibility. As our idea of what a news story evolves over the next eight years, MongoDB will help us keep pace.  

-- John Pavley, CTO, Huffington Post 

Check out what Pavley also had to say about their choices for language (Scala), framework (Play), and front-end (Angular.js).


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