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Human Capital Institute social business webinar

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Human Capital Institute social business webinar

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It’s increasingly common for organizations to be seen as networks.  Social business conversations often revolve around enterprise social networking, with all the collaboration and knowledge sharing that is supposed to entail.  Open innovation sees a much wider network tapped into, as organizations seek access to knowledge wherever it may reside.  All the while, more old fashioned partnerships and alliances engage in network building in a variety of forms.

All of which should make a webinar I participated in yesterday (14th May) an interesting one.  The session, hosted by the Human Capital Institute (HCI), looked at a variety of topics loosely based around the subject of networks at work, and how they can influence areas such as leadership, collaboration and innovation.

I’ll be joined on the session by Richard Hughes, Director of Social Strategy at BroadVision and Steve Garvia from Philosophy IB.  Amongst the themes to be discussed are:

  • how to build a culture of collaboration
  • the benefits of a collaborative culture
  • measuring culture
  • organizing for innovation
  • the role of digital…

…and a few other (hopefully) interesting topics.  The session is only available to HCI members, but membership is itself free, so it won’t cost you anything to get signed up, which you can do here.

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