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Hybrid Multi-Cloud is The Future

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Hybrid Multi-Cloud is The Future

The customer's success managing a hyper-converged environment is critical to the enterprise's overall cloud success.

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Enlightening keynote by Dheeraj Pandey, Founder, Chairman, CEO of Nutanix at .NEXT on his vision for a hybrid multi-cloud world which helps legacy enterprises use public and private clouds effectively and efficiently.

Customer success is in a multi-cloud world. But, multi-cloud is fraught with hard problems, decisions, and dichotomies:

  • Frictionless versus the need for governance;
  • Simplicity versus security;
  • Own versus rent;
  • Core versus edge processing;
  • Increasing delight while reducing waste.

Just as in software development, the solution is to have machines allow design to be in the forefront, making machines invisible to make humans, teams, careers, visible with applications, services, and governance.

True customer success is machines becoming invisible while humans gain freedom. A company's success is tied to the success of its customers, so we have to help customers manage this hyper-converged infrastructure. 

The rise of DevOps aligns with the advent of public clouds and multi-cloud environments. Here's why:

  • The laws of physics – throughput – take the app where the data is because the network is the enemy
  • The laws of locality – latency, pushing things down to where teams are
  • Centralized core cloud
  • The back-office warhorse
  • Enterprise Cloud OS
  • Dispersed ROBO cloud
  • Dispersed edge cloud – the IoT machine “Fog”
    • Terminals
    • Barges
    • Cruises
    • Rigs
    • Humvees

The consumption models have changed, and will continue to do so:

  • From mainframe to on-premises

  • From physical three-tier that require 5+ year decisions

  • To virtualized three-tier that require 3 to 5-year decisions

  • To a hybrid multi-cloud platform that requires months, to weeks, to day decisions

With Xi, customers are able to get reserved instances – off-prem on-demand in days to weeks. Spot pricing in hours. Lambda in minutes. Elasticity increases as you move to the right.

People want to make better-informed decisions. They need to have software help them determine if we have the right balance between governance and security compliance. Beam multi-cloud governance provides visibility across clouds while maintaining agility and reducing costs 25%. The software reports:

  • Cloud spend efficiency
  • Total cloud spend
  • Cloud spending over time
  • Reserved instances

While monitoring across clouds:

  • Compute resources being used
  • Network and security
  • Storage and database use
  • Single-pane view of the public cloud

It enables one-click able to eliminate waste – remove the source of the waste.

It enables users to see security policy compliance across all cloud instances

  • CIS

Compliance checks, security vulnerabilities, can be taken care of with 1-click remediation

According to a recent report from IDC, an enterprise cloud provides an average ROI of 534% in five years, and a break-even in only seven months.

Customer success is when you become:

  • Operationally efficient
  • Organizationally proficient
  • Financially accountable
  • Turn waste into delight

If we don’t put our arms around the customer, we won’t have them as customers. That's why their success is our success.

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