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I’ve Engaged My Community… Now What?

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I’ve Engaged My Community… Now What?

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I often refer to data as a compass.

When you’re lost in a forest, a compass does a great job of telling you which way is north, allowing you to decide which way to proceed. But that compass will never tell you about that cliff you have to scale or the river you’ll need to cross.

In the same way, data helps point decision-makers in the right direction for where they should focus their time and efforts. But it is the person — the human with the intuition and critical-thinking skills — that must navigate the path that data lays out.

One of the most crucial elements to making sure online engagement fulfills its purpose as a guide or compass is the application of better decisions based on real data from as wide-ranging an audience as possible.

Online engagement is not a check box on a list of things governments and organizations should do. There must be a deeper level of intentionality and thoughtfulness to it — to separate noise from actionable feedback, which in turn is used to make smarter, more well-informed decisions on issues that affect the community.

This month’s MindMixer webinar tackled the subject of how to do this — what to do with the data and feedback communities and organizations get from online engagement efforts?

I was joined by Oliver Hartleben of the consulting firm IBI group to share best practices and tips.View the webinar here.


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