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I Live-Coded an Async Coroutine Framework in 32.5 Minutes

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I Live-Coded an Async Coroutine Framework in 32.5 Minutes

Gain a deep understanding of a miraculous new programming idiom in the Python 3 standard library called "asyncio"

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Python 3's "asyncio" module is an efficient async framework similar to Node. But unlike Node, it emphasizes a modern idiom called "coroutines", rather than callbacks. Coroutines promise the best of two worlds: the efficiency of callbacks, but with a natural and robust coding style similar to synchronous programming.

In barely 30 minutes I live-coded a Python 3 async framework at PyGotham 2015. First, I showed how an async framework uses non-blocking sockets, callbacks, and an event loop. This version of the framework is very efficient, but callbacks make a mess of the code. Therefore, I implemented coroutines using Python generators and two classes called Future and Task, and updated my little framework to use coroutines instead of callbacks.

The live-coding demo isn't just a magic trick: watch to see how simply a coroutine-based async framework can be implemented, and gain a deep understanding of this miraculous new programming idiom in the Python 3 standard library.

My mind is blown by the speed and quality of Next Day Video's work at Python conferences. My undying gratitude for this recording of my PyGotham talk.

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