IBM, MapR and Typesafe Join the Apache Spark Data Movement

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IBM, MapR and Typesafe Join the Apache Spark Data Movement

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Hot on the heels of IBM’s announcement that it was pouring a significant amount of resources into Apache Spark, The Register is reporting that MapR and Typesafe have joined their software with Spark.

TechCrunch reported that IBM is not only making its IBM SystemML machine-learning research open-source, but they’re teaming up with Apache Spark in a big way. They’re giving Apache’s open source big data project 3,500 researchers, integrating Spark into the “core of its analytics products,” and will work side by side with Databricks. In addition, the technology giant will be offering Spark as a service on its Bluemix Platform, IBM's cloud app development PaaS, allowing its customers to use Spark in their applications.

Furthermore, IBM will work on “Spark-related projects at more than a dozen labs” and will even open a Spark Technology Center in San Francisco, a move that IBM hopes will spur the community to build applications with Spark.

Rob Thomas, vice president of IBM analytics product development, told TechCrunch that IBM believes Spark is the biggest contender for big data in the market. “Our belief is anyone using data in the future is going to be leveraging Spark,” he said. “It allows universal access to data.”

This morning, The Register reported that both MapR and Typesafe are joining the Spark movement. In the hopes of speeding up deployments of its “batch-crunching” framework, MapR is releasing Spark “offerings tailored to three scenarios,” all implemented with Hadoop, of course:

  1. Real-time Security Log Analytics
  2. Time Series Analytics
  3. Genome Sequencing Quick-Start Solutions

Likewise, Typesafe, an open-source reactive platform, is planning to welcome Spark into its software, as well. They’ll be offering a “subscription-based support for a distribution of Spark [currently in the works]… with Mesosphere running on the Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System (DCOS).”

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