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IBM releases EGL Community Edition (Eclipse-based)

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IBM has recently released EGL Community Edition free of charge. EGL CE is an Eclipse-based tool that simplifies development of JavaScript-based Web applications. Developers who traditionally code in PHP, Ruby on Rails, Groovy, JavaScript and HTML can now download free EGL tools to code, test, and debug rich Web 2.0 applications in one simplified language.  EGL was made to help developers build Web 2.0 applications while abstracting some of the more complex processes.
JavaScript development can be complex, but is the core of most dynamic Web applications being built today.  EGL CE supports development of rich, JavaScript-based user interfaces without writing any JavaScript, and Java-based services without writing any Java code. This allows developers to create Web applications without coding in multiple different languages and patching pieces together for the end product. And with the ability to test and debug applications without deploying to a server, EGL’s main purpose is to help developers spend more time coding and less time deploying. 
 and students currently enrolled in computer engineering programs have more programming options than ever before.  A survey of recently-hired developers and co-op students conducted by IBM found that than 70 percent of those surveyed use more than four tools on a regular basis, based on applications being created and their comfort level with each specific tool.  That’s a lot of technology to keep straight when facing unforgiving deadlines.  And with complex Web 2.0 applications making up a growing part of developers’ daily workload, an extensible platform such as EGL CE offers valuable time savings in a more simplified programming model. 
EGL CE is now available for download at no cost at http://www.ibm.com/software/rational/cafe/community/egl/ce.

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