IBM's Watson Can Help You Win Fantasy Football

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IBM's Watson Can Help You Win Fantasy Football

Edge Up Sports became an IBM Watson Ecosystem Partner to create an app to help Fantasy Footballers manage their teams.

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Preparing your ideal team for Fantasy Football? There's going to be an app for that.

This past Wednesday, Edge Up Sports and IBM Watson announced their partnership to create an app that will help Fantasy Footballers manage their teams. As MarketWatch reported, the app will utilize Watson's cognitive computing technology via the Watson Developer Cloud to bring insights faster on key areas in drafting for Fantasy Football, including:

  • How well does the team perform on grass vs. turf?
  • Is the team emotionally prepared for a big rivalry game?
  • Given a player's injury history, how will a recent sustained hit most likely impact a players performance?

According to the MarketWatch report, more than 33 million people participate in Fantasy Football leagues each year. For those who don't know, participants of American Fantasy Football create their ideal, or "fantasy," roster with real players from real NFL teams. There are different styles of competitions, but the winner is typically determined by a point system based on how one's chosen players performed in the past week.

One of the most crucial parts of Fantasy Football lies in the draft that occurs before the American football season starts. Fantasy Footballers can spend a significant amount of time pouring over stastical data on a player's previous performance to predict how they will do in the upcoming season -- something Watson can do quickly. Apps like the one proposed by Edge Up Sports, who are running a Kickstarter campaign to get the app up and running, can help simplify the process.

"Edge Up grabs vast amounts of available NFL data, and with the help of Watson, team general managers are able to make informed decisions and adjustments to their fantasy football roster picks," said Edge Up Sports CEO Illya Tabakh. "By leveraging Watson technologies, we're excited to be able to transform the way fantasy football is played, and provide a platform that is assisting team owners with the necessary analysis and insights that could increase their chances in winning their league."

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