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The Ice Bucket Challenge’s awesome combo of charity and creativity

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The Ice Bucket Challenge’s awesome combo of charity and creativity

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The Internet certainly has its blessings and its curses…what we’ve gained in widely shared creativity, we’ve probably lost in the threats to our personal privacy. For this reason, when something comes along that can make the Internet a powerful force for good, we should cheer and participate in every way we can.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is an awesome opportunity to cheer what the Internet can bring in both creativity and help for an excellent cause. Since Late June 2014, the phenomena has been moving across the US at a remarkable speed, catching NFL teams, film and music stars, technology celebrities like Bill Gates and plenty of regular people like us. It has “rules” posted to Wikipedia and while it wasn’t originally connected to ALS, there’s nothing wrong with doing something dumb for a good reason.

It reached us just today, thanks to a friend from way back. Jeanne answers the challenge:

Creativity for a good cause

The Ice Bucket Challenge with a twistThe creativity never stops, and here’s a great example from three high school juniors in La Cañada (near Los Angeles) who took the challenge with a twist, based on the California drought!

We were all nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge, and in light of the severe drought California is going through, we decided not to use water. We also got a little carried away with iMovie. It was also really hot outside so sorry we are dead in the video!! If you do use water, maybe consider donating to www.charitywater.org as well as www.alsa.org because most of the world doesn’t have the resources we do to even undertake things like this!!

While the rules are that you take the challenge or donate, the vast majority of those in the videos say they will donate as well. Entertainment and support for a good cause — that’s as good as it gets.


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